Doesn’t it just irk you when your wall gallery isn't cohesive? And you feel some sort of visual chaos at every glance? Well, we have a couple of DIY tips that just might give your wall gallery an artistic and cohesive design. 

  • Start with the largest piece. This will act as your anchor and will be easier to build off of and create the rest of your wall.

  • Select one main color followed by a complimentary color palette. Color can help bring all of the different styles and prints together.

  • Spread out the larger pieces in order to create balance. The second-largest piece should be hung away from the largest piece.

  • Add some personal touches. This is your wall. Everyone has a unique story to tell and a gallery wall can be an excellent way to showcase that. Personal elements will help to make the wall your own!

  • Try forming a mini-grid to create some structure. It will help to give the whole wall a bit of balance.

  • Mix up the orientation of each print to make it more interesting to the eyes.

  • Don’t forget that not every piece needs to be luxurious or some kind of fancy art. Experiment with different prints and items to figure out what looks and feels best to you.