Pampas grass is gorgeous, elegant, and unique. Looking for ways you can incorporate it into your home decor and how best to style it? Read on for some tips and tricks.

  1. Use It As An Accent: Is there a section of your home that is full of neutrals? While neutrals often look elegant and clean by themselves, adding something unique like pampas grass can help upgrade the vibe.

  2. A Gorgeous Centerpiece: Flowers are wonderful but doesn’t it seem like they always wither and die too quickly? Plus, sometimes the smell - while beautiful - can be too much while eating. Enhance your table by using pampas grass as a centerpiece instead.

  3. Try A Statement Vase: Put pampas grass in a brightly colored vase for a decoration that will truly stand out in any room. It’s the perfect way to add fun and a bit of drama without being over the top. If you find that it feels like too much, use just a few pieces of grass for a minimal way to enhance the entire look and feel. of the room.

  4. Mix Things Up: Although pampas grass looks amazing on its own, combining it with other dried pieces can be even more beautiful. Try dried flowers, dried lavender, or leaves. Experiment with different combinations depending on the season or other decorations throughout the room.

What is your favorite way to use pampas grass?